8 or 9 Simple Ways to Improve Fuel Economy as we Reach Peak Prices

While experts are saying that gas prices are reaching their peak for the year, it's not likely for these prices to drop during the summer months. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is that cars are getting better miles-per-gallon ratings every year.  Most of us can't buy a new and improved vehicle with better gas mileage every 12 months, but there are some things we can do reduce the amount of time we spend at the pump. 
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The Classic Battle between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

I always felt that anything less than manual wasn't actually driving. With an automatic, a computer deals with all of your actions before controlling the cars acceleration or deceleration. Personal opinions aside, there are things to think about while considering what kind of transmission to get in a new (or used) car.

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How to Literally Sniff Out a Flood-damaged Vehicle

While we're all hoping for May flowers, April showers this year have brought something else: floods. Floods cause massive damage to property and a relatively less-publicized aspect of that damage are cars. Flooded cars may end up in the used car market and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Cars that have been submerged during floods will experience different amounts of damage based on the type of water and the length of time…

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Earth Day Highlights Mitsubishi's Continuing Progress in Fuel-Efficiency

Over forty years ago, a movement started that is as prevalent today as it was in 1970.  The movement began during a time of anti-war rallies and gathered strength from the passion Americans were demonstrating. Every year on this date, April 22, we celebrate the movement by trying to further its goals of a clean, sustainable future.

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, we will be participating in the Hilliard Earth Festival and Green…

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Keys to a fun and productive test-drive

Getting to take that test drive of your almost-car may be the most enjoyable part of car shopping, but it's also an important step that requires some preparedness.
Sure, it's fun to imagine yourself driving this car right off the lot and into your driveway, but before you decide it's a match there are some questions you'll need to ask yourself during the test drive.

Start by taking a look around the entire exterior of the car. Examine it from all angles to make sure you like the styling. This is a good time to think…
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From rally racing to EVs: A look into the history and future of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. was formed in 1981 and quickly experienced growth and popularity in the market. Early on Mitsubishi competed in off-road and rally racing where they were met with success despite not being a major auto manufacturer. Through racing, Mitsubishi showcased its impressive all-wheel drive technologies, which have been utilized in generations of vehicles since.

In recent times there have been doubts about the future of the company due to falling sales figures. Mitsubishi, however, has other ideas and by focusing on their strengths, engineering and sustainability, they plan to prove the doubters wrong.

The current fiscal…
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Does warming up your car really help?

It's one of the most commonly practiced car myths that seems entirely reasonable; when temperatures seem unbearable and the thought of getting in your freezing cold car makes you want to call off work and go back inside. Warming up your car to avoid some sort of damage to the engine and to make your drive more comfortable is a widely accepted habit that many Midwesterners follow when the temperature drops. It is also almost entirely unnecessary.

After 10 seconds, the engine oil will begin to circulate and any idling after that is futile.  Modern engines warm up most…
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"It's a fun ride without sacrificing safety."

In a recent issue of Columbus Cars, Dispatch writer Jeff Thitoff, wrote an excellent review of the all-new 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage. Thitoff spent some time this January at Columbus Mitsubishi West test-driving one of our Mirages.  After spending a few days getting to know the Mirage and driving it around the greater Columbus area, Thitoff had some pleasant things to say about his experience.

We've highlighted some of our favorite parts of his review below and you can read the entire review here:

"[The Mirage] proves that getting good gas mileage and fitting into tight spaces can also look…
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Mitsubishi starts 2014 off with exciting news!

Mitsubishi is starting off 2014 with some exciting and positive news! 2013 was a very rewarding year for Mitsubishi as overall sales showed a nearly 8 percent increase. December 2013 sales were up 56.2 percent compared to December 2012.

"Our sales were up 27 percent July through December compared to the prior year, so we are pleased to take tremendous momentum into the New Year," said Yoichi Yokozawa, President & CEO of MMNA.

This has in part been due to the popularity of the Outlander Sport, which earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick this year, making it one of the…
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Are you changing your oil too often?

The little window sticker on the upper corner of your windshield is a nice reminder for when to get your oil changed, but it may be doing your wallet and the environment some unnecessary harm. The 3,000-mile rule is a little outdated with the advancement of technology in new cars. According to, the majority of automakers today recommend oil changes at 7,500 miles or 10,000 miles.

You don't have to flip through your car manual until you find the right page; a campaign in California promoting awareness of oil change intervals launched a website…
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