Keys to a fun and productive test-drive

Getting to take that test drive of your almost-car may be the most enjoyable part of car shopping, but it's also an important step that requires some preparedness.
Sure, it's fun to imagine yourself driving this car right off the lot and into your driveway, but before you decide it's a match there are some questions you'll need to ask yourself during the test drive.

Start by taking a look around the entire exterior of the car. Examine it from all angles to make sure you like the styling. This is a good time to think about your top color choices and then rank your second or third picks. Also, take the time here to open all the doors including the trunk and hood. Are the handles easy to use or do you fumble with them?

Next, get in the back seat and make sure it's roomy enough for anyone that may sit back there. Once you've deemed the back seats and passenger seats comfortable, it's time to try out the driver's seat. Can you get in easily without bumping your head or having to climb up? Is the seat easy to adjust to a setting that lets you reach the pedals and controls? Does the steering wheel adjust to your liking? A clear view of your instrument panel is essential for safe driving.

Once you begin actually driving the car, briefly test out the audio system and speakers and then turn them off. You want to make sure the car doesn't make any strange sounds, especially when testing a used car. You'll also want to see how loud or quiet the cabin is while the car is in motion.

Things to look for while you're driving the car are: Do you have any blind spots? Can you easily check them to change lanes safely?  Can you reach all the controls without losing focus on the road? Does the car take turns smoothly? Are the brakes touchy? Is it easy or difficult to park between the lines?

If you're shopping for a used car you might want to take a little extra time to check and make sure all the features are working properly. Turn on the air conditioning and see how long it takes to blow out cold air. Do the same thing for the heat. Lock and unlock the vehicle and test out the car alarm. For a manual transmission car, shift into every gear and make sure the shifter doesn't feel funny. Lastly, if you're lucky enough to be test-driving a convertible, put the top down and back up again to make sure there are no issues.

If all this test-drive talk has got you hungry to try out a car, call Columbus Mitsubishi at 614-334-2602 to schedule a test drive today!
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