"It's a fun ride without sacrificing safety."

In a recent issue of Columbus Cars, Dispatch writer Jeff Thitoff, wrote an excellent review of the all-new 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage. Thitoff spent some time this January at Columbus Mitsubishi West test-driving one of our Mirages.  After spending a few days getting to know the Mirage and driving it around the greater Columbus area, Thitoff had some pleasant things to say about his experience.

We've highlighted some of our favorite parts of his review below and you can read the entire review here:

"[The Mirage] proves that getting good gas mileage and fitting into tight spaces can also look cool," writes Thitoff.

"In my time driving around the suburbs, I eclipsed 40 mpg and earned closer to 50 mpg on the highway."

"When I was back in college, I would have loved a car like this. It's a smart, safe and economical ride."
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