First time buying advice: used cars

If you're a first-time car buyer and want to buy used, there are several steps you should take before purchasing your vehicle.

-Draw out a budget

Before stepping foot in the dealership, draw out a budget that is within your means of spending. This step should always come before buying a car, whether it's your first car or your fifteenth. For your own financial security, it's always important to budget, especially for a major purchase like a car. Drawing out a detailed budget will prevent you from getting involved in financial commitments you're unable to meet. 

-Make sure the car is certified pre-owned 

Manufacturer certified pre-owned cars have passed tests ensuring they're in good enough shape to be sold again. Although by no means perfect, these cars are closer to brand new condition than pre-owned cars that have not been certified.

-Understand the warranty

All certified pre-owned cars have a warranty period for services. Make sure you understand every detail about the warranty's duration and what it entails. It's also important to understand who is providing the warranty. 

-Consult the experts

Even if the car is certified, have a mechanic inspect the car's condition before you buy it. If you're a first time buyer, bring someone knowledgeable along with you to the dealership. You should also check web sites like CARFAX that provide information about past incidents the car has been involved in; it's especially important to know if the car has been in any accidents.

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