Summer road trip driving tips

It's mid-July, and temperatures have risen quickly. More than likely, you'll want to pack your car and hit the highway for a summer road trip. We're here to give you a few tips that'll help you along the way.

-Have your car inspected before you go

Overheating is common during summer months, and having your car professionally inspected can save you both time and money. Most importantly, have a mechanic check that the entire cooling system is working properly. That includes the radiator, coolant, cooling fans, belts and hoses, heater core, and water pump. Over heating puts extreme pressure on your car's engine, and many factors can contribute to it.

-Pack a spare tire, and know how to use it

This tip is especially important if you plan on going off road. However, tires encounter problems on all types of terrain. Always make sure to have at least one spare tire you feel comfortable installing yourself. Breakdowns don't always happen where it's convenient to receive assistance. In addition, check both the tread and pressure on all tires before leaving. 

-Don't overpack your car

Packing too much stuff makes your engine work that much harder to get to your destination. By packing only what you need, you're decreasing the chance that your engine overheats by multitudes. Items like extra coolers of drinks may be the difference between a fun trip and a headache.

-Plan your route

Whether you're going somewhere new or a place you've been many times, always make sure to know how to get there. These days, a smart phone can guide you, but you also need a back up plan. Consider bringing a map, and if worst comes to worst, ask for directions. Being lost is no fun, and the sooner you get there, the more you can enjoy your destination.

-Build a playlist

This will simply make your trip more fun. Listening to music while driving helps the trip move along faster, no matter the distance. 

Taking a road trip is a classic summer experience. The freedom to explore our beautiful country is one of the great perks of having a car. We hope these tips prepare you to have a fun and safe trip.

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